Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peanut Butter Chocolate Avocado Milk Shake

Here for you today is a simple recipe for a banging avocado milkshake. After making it, I suggest upping the splenda, or any other sweetener you may want to use; because it could always be sweeter (though I don't mind it not being super sweet)

I actually got an avocado from Walmart, but an avocado is an avocado. 

6 total Net Carbs, 29g fat 10g protein and 1048 Potassium! That's the jam right there. As you can see my total day today is 1305 calories.. not even hungry!

I'll get pictures step by step if you want, but I think you can figure it out; I did ad 4 ice cubes to it as well :)

Here is the blender I prefer, as I just click the preset "frozen drink" and it came out perfect.

See ya next time!

Also: I'll be updating with a challenge I received soon!

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