Friday, January 15, 2016

Cheating: Why It Shouldn't Be a Thing.

I found myself thinking about addiction this morning, specifically after reading a title to a Reddit post that read 
"I had to accept failure as part of this process in order to actually see results"

It got me thinking a simple thought - Do you? Do we? Do we have to accept failure as part of the process of weight loss?

It got me thinking, because the fact is that those of us who want to lose weight will struggle for years and years - and sometimes a lifetime - are addicted. We are addicts to food - or to laziness - or to just not caring about health. We are addicts. 

Addiction is a fuckwhore of a beast - and there are infinite things we as Humans can be addicted to - but we all know the main ones. Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Smoking, Obesity/Eating.

Weight loss and healthy eating are the only one of those 4 that it is a standard rule of thumb that it's ok to take a cheat day. Why? Why is it ok to cheat on our diets - but not ok to cheat on alcoholism and drug addiction?

Some people will say because if you cheat/relapse on drugs or alcohol it will put you into a downward spiral, cause you to undo all the good you did, and make it exponentially harder to get out of the rut and get clean again.

Isn't it the EXACT same in eating?

Think about it: You're 30 days in and feeling great, the cravings for sweets and bad food has subsided mostly - and then you justify a cheat day (which is really just giving into a craving).

Then the next day, since you cheated you justify the next day and say it's ok - I'll start back tomorrow. Fast Forward 3 months, you never got back onto your diet - you gained back everything you lost and maybe more - and now it's harder to start again.

I'm speaking to myself here too - I often justify cheating and then find myself in the rollercoaster of weight loss constantly. I started Keto almost 2 years ago and after losing 40 here and gaining back, 50 here, gaining back, ect.. I'm no better for it - I'm still obese, I never dropped below 360 - and I always cheated and bounced back to newer and higher weights.

Today I ask you to ask yourself, as I am - is cheating really necessary?

I think the answer is no.

When we can finally become strong enough to tell ourselves no - that's when we can beat the addiction - and hopefully finish the race to healthier, fitter us's.

See you at bottom.


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